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A quick look at Groovy builds with Gant

April 29th, 2008

I've been looking into Groovy lately, and I'm really impressed. The language is powerful but concise, the tool support and documentation seems good and getting better, and the community is growing. The problem is, in an enterprise environment, I have no idea where it actually fits in. I don't think it makes sense using it for any large-scale system, at least for now - weak typing scares me in team environments...and in general it's just too bleading edge. So what else?

Well...I recently read Groovy-powered automated builds with Gant, and I think the case here is strong. Groovy could make a lot of sense as a replacement or complement to Ant. After a few hours of playing around with Groovy, Gant, and AntBuilder, here's my humble assessment.



When to Use

When *not* to Use


Hello World - Ant vs. Gant

// Ant
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<project name="E" default="compile" basedir="." >

<target name="compile" depends="init">
  <mkdir dir="classes/" />
  <javac srcdir="src/" destdir="classes/">
      <pathelement location="lib/log4j.jar"/>
  <copy todir="classes/" file="src/" />

<target name="jar" depends="init, compile" >
  <jar jarfile="lib/e.jar" basedir="classes/" includes="**/**" />

<target name="clean" depends="init" >
  <delete failonerror="true" dir="classes/"/>

// Gant
target (clean: "Clean") {
  Ant.delete(failonerror: false, dir: "classes/")

target (compile: "Compile") {
   Ant.mkdir(dir: "classes/")
   def javaCompileClasspath = Ant.path {
     pathelement(location: "lib/log4j.jar")
   Ant.javac(destdir: "classes/", srcdir: "src/",
    classpath: javaCompileClasspath)
   Ant.copy (todir: "classes/",
      file: "src/" )

target (jar: "Jar") {
  depends(clean, compile);
  Ant.jar(jarfile: "lib/e.jar",
      basedir: "classes/", includes: "**/**")
} setDefaultTarget(compile)

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