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Getting out of the rut

June 29th 2011

There are days where my body is at my desk, but my brain is far, far away...most often in one of my occupational happy places (likely mowing lawns). After 13+ years in industry, I've been in quite a few of these ruts, and while I used to think the solution was to perseverate on the so I thought I'd share my tricks for getting out... (get busy living, or get busy dying)

My initial reaction is to usually think about the greener grass on the other side of the fence...or to take longer lunches, etc...but that doesn't work. are some things that get me jazzed about software development again...

-Visit the ivory tower. -Dig in -Eliminate distractions -Talk -Read inspiring (Rocky movies for programmers) -Focus on quality...impact

I believe that software development is fundamentally about making decisions, and so this is what I write about (mostly). I've been building software for about 20 years now, as a developer, tech lead, and architect. I have two degrees from Carnegie Mellon University, most recently one in philosophy (thesis here). I live in Pittsburgh, PA with my wife, 3 energetic boys, and dog. Subscribe here or write me at ben dot northrop at gmail dot com.

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